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Myuki 11/0 Seed Bead Butterfly, One of Nancy's favorite hand-crafted Victorian jewelry pins.

One of Nancy's favorite Victorian wire and seed bead butterfly creations, like her great-grandmother's original.

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In Due Season (true story)

In Due Season.PDF is a printable brochure you can save and print. Either click the link to open, or hover the link and "right click" mouse select "Save Target As"; after saving, open with a pdf reader such as free: http://adobe.com )
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Follow the links below for both true and fiction stories about butterflies. The name of the author (if known) is shown. If you would like to contribute your own butterfly story, please email your story to Nancy. (Email address at the left and the bottom of the page.)

Please note: the use of the word cocoon in the most popular butterfly story (author unknown) is not scientifically accurate. The most common version of the story uses the word cocoon to describe one stage of the life of the butterfly. This is the version I have published at Awesome Butterflies. The correct word would be chrysalis.

Fascination with Butterflies
a true story by Nancy Berntsen

In Due Season, Beauty Emerges from Darkness
a true story by Nancy Berntsen

Downloadable/printable version of In Due Season
a true story by Nancy Berntsen (downloadable pdf version)

A Special Butterfly Story, a.k.a., "The Butterfly Story"
fiction, author unknown

A True Story of Courage and Love
a true story by Dave Kuzminski 

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