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Myuki 11/0 Seed Bead Butterfly, One of Nancy's favorite hand-crafted Victorian jewelry pins.

One of Nancy's favorite Victorian wire and seed bead butterfly creations, like her great-grandmother's original.

Nancy's Beadwork I
Nancy's Beadwork II
Nancy's Free Bead Project Directions
How to Order
In Due Season (true story)

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Now you can own one of the most beautiful, Awesome Beaded Butterflies!

Hand-made in the state of Connecticut, USA!

Original Victorian designs and adaptations are handcrafted of 10/0, 11/0 & 15/0 Japanese, & Czech seed beads, delicas and pony beads with fine stainless steel or craft wire.

Ready-made and made to order are available so you can have your own Awesome Beaded Butterfly creations!

Suggested uses: gifts for any occasion! Wedding: bridal and bridesmaids' accessories, party favors, hair ornaments (jewelry: earrings, barrettes, hairsnaps), pins, tree, cake decorations, plant & shoe ornaments, mobiles, suncatchers, magnets, decorations of all sorts!

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Check out our free directions for a simple beaded abacus (a great home or school project for children), our Bible and WWJD bracelets/chokers and other economical family arts and crafts ideas and kits.

Also, if you are looking for stainless steel wire, I sell this in two popular sizes! See the options

Group instruction for some projects (at your home or facility) is also available.

Please email Nancy for more information or to order something since a shopping cart with Paypal has not yet been set up for this site yet.

If you are looking for beaded butterly directions, I recommend! Please stop by in the future for new designs and patterns/directions I plan to offer.

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