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One of Nancy's favorite Victorian wire and seed bead butterfly creations, like her great-grandmother's original.

Under development:

Nancy's Dazzling Dragonflies!

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Nancy's Awesome Beaded Butterflies... What's for sale?

At this time, the following items are for sale:

bulletButterflies and dragonflies in stock
bulletButterflies and dragonflies made to order
bulletDirections for the following via email and snail mail:
bulletOriginal Victorian Beaded Butterfly
usually made with sead beads from size 10/0 through 15/0
bulletMicro-butterfly, Easy Victorian Butterfly
(For earrings: use tiny 15/0 beads, suncatchers: 6/0 (E) beads, oversized: pony beads
bulletWhimsical Butterfly (Open design makes up quickly, using less beads.
Adaptable to make with children over age 3 using pony beads and thick craft wire.)
bulletAnnealed Stainless Steel Wire
bulletExpected by late 2013: Video directions for all butterflies and Nancy's Awesome Little Booklet of Beading Tips

Kits via mail are no longer available.

How to Order

I have not enabled a shopping cart service yet at this website.
Orders can be placed by using the form below the price chart
or by sending me direct email to this address to discuss your needs/desires:

or nancyb[at]
(Don't forget to add the @ symbol in the space where [at] is.)

Pricing is as shown below.

Pricing: Finished Beaded Butterflies
Prices effective June 1, 2013

Go to for online, automated version of this form.
Click here to see finished butterflies in stock (


Your order will be processed after payment is received.


Please allow up to one week for processing requests for wire  as they need to be prepared according to your request.


If you are requesting finished beadwork to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for them to be made, longer if you have requested several.


You will be notified when your custom order is ready to ship.


If you would like a butterfly right away, please email me first about butterflies I have in stock, ready to ship.
I may be able to get one in the mail within 24-48 hours (depending on if it needs to be mounted).



Please bear in mind that this is not my full time occupation though I want to serve you as soon as possible.
Thanks for your interest in my creations.


 #  ITEM



Finished Butterflies


Original Victorian Butterfly 11/0, or 15/0 (tiny) Seedbead $27.00, $30.00 mounted


Medium Victorian Butterfly 15/0 Seedbead $15.00, $18.00 with mount


Small Victorian Butterfly Pair

15/0 best for earrings or hairsnaps

$18.00, $24.00 mounted


Simple Victorian Butterfly (plastic)*

 Mini Pony (plastic) suncatcher

Not Available


Simple Victorian Butterfly (glass)*

E (6/0 glass) suncatcher/ornament)



Micro-Victorian Butterfly Pair 15/0 best for charms, earrings $15.00, $18.00 mounted


7 Original Victorian Butterfly DIRECTIONS $5 via email + $1 via US mail
8 Small Victorian Butterfly DIRECTIONS $5 via email + $1 via US mail

Micro-Butterfly, Easy Butterfly

DIRECTIONS $5 via email + $1 via US mail

Whimsical Butterfly

DIRECTIONS $5 via email + $1 via US mail
10 Buy all four sets of directions for $15 via email + $1 via US mail.

Video Directions for all 4 designs

Coming Soon  
12 Nancy's Awesome Little Book of Beading Tips and Techniques (not available yet) Coming Soon


              5' 15'



300' 600'


.006 (34 gauge) (for tiny 15/0  beads)                $1.00






.010 (30 gauge) (for standard 10/0 & 11/0 beads)







Suggestions for butterfly colors: a darker outline color, a lighter filler color and a complimentary or contrasting highlight color, holiday or seasonal colors, or a monochromatic theme.

Colors available, plastic & glass, transparent & opaque: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, black, white, pink, in both. Also available, glass beads only: coral, grey, berry, cream, light yellow, teal, turquoise, aqua. Not all colors available in 6/0 (E) or 15/0.

Finishes vary (ceylon, silverlined, opaque, matte.) Substitutions will be made as necessary depending on beads in stock. Email or call to check on colors and finishes currently available. Unless otherwise specified, transparent &/or silverlined beads are provided for suncatchers.

Check out all my Victorian beaded butterflies and Dazzling Dragonflies!
They are great for gifts, weddings, showers, party favors, science projects, suncatchers, lamp and chandelier ornaments,
mobiles, pins, barrettes, earrings, magnets, ornaments, and more! Finished butterflies and pattern kits available.

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email me:  nancyb[at]

All butterfly designs are original and copyrighted by Nancy Berntsen, 1997 - 2013.

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