Nancy's Nancy's Beadwork I

(Please allow ample time for pictures to download)

Beautiful Cakes for weddings and special occasions from Great Britain...
 Cake on left features an extra-large Awesome Butterfly!
Right: Closeup of the cake enhanced with an Awesome Butterfly.
earrings2.tif (637635 bytes)

Earrings and hair comb (Delicas)

p4250006.jpg (201880 bytes)

Suncatcher (E Beads)

4mm pony bead mini butterfly.bmp (2524774 bytes)

Children's project with small pony beads; for hair, Christmas tree, mobiles, etc.

p2050010.jpg (362366 bytes)

Original design (11/0 seed beads)

p2050021.jpg (304293 bytes)

Earrings (15/0 seed beads)

ab 003.jpg (77113 bytes)

Original design (15/0 seed beads)

p4250007.jpg (194276 bytes)Plant ornament on skewer Micro-butterfly (15/0 beads, smaller than the earrings below.)
butterfly earrings and dime (15/0 seed beads)

Earrings (easy/basic design, 15/0 seed bead)

1mobile.tif (2424304 bytes)

Mobile of various Awesome Beaded Butterflies made with skewers and fishing monofilament.